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How to use Molin products? You could check the FAQ!

The recommended daily dose and maximum daily dose are indicated on the label and depend on the type of food supplement MOLIN.

Shake it before using. Five minutes before taking the drops and immediately after it do not wash teeth with a toothpaste and do not eat food or liquid except water. Keep the drops in the mouth and swallow them for 1 to 2 minutes. It is important for the body to take an even quantity of minerals and biosignals when it comes to the ingestion of droplets. This is best accomplished by shaking, when we can also make sure that the colloid sediment is homogenized. In addition, the shaking additionally activates biosignals.

Food supplements Molin can be taken in parallel with medicines. Keep the drops and medication a 10-minute delay.

Warning: Contains alcohol. Droplets are not suitable for children, treated alcoholics, pregnant women and hypersensitive to alcohol.

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