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Molin products

Dietary supplements based on colloids enriched with biosignals

MOLIN is the new generation of dietary supplements, a type of Infoceuticals, made on the basis of colloids of one or more minerals. Every product contains a certain mineral or non-metal that displays confirmed positive physiological effects on the human body. The added value of the MOLIN dietary supplements are biosignals extracted form carefully chosen substances, using Molit special technological procedure. From that reason Molin dietary products are Infoceuticals.

A healthy human organism is always in the search of balance between chaos and order. Too much of one or the other results in a pathological state. The bigger the imbalance, the weaker the organism; it doesn’t respond anymore like it should, and it is not quick enough to adapt to various external and internal challenges.


  • Colloidal basis
  • Biosignals support
  • Self-developed MOLIT technology
  • No side effects


  • Arelesin+
  • Insomnin
  • Menopausine+
  • Atyrosin+

One of the possibilities to activate body intelligence is to use the unique combination of suitable minerals and appropriate biosignals. Biosignals are molecular imprints in colloids; they support the influence of the chosen minerals or metals. These imprints can be read by the complex biochemical network of our body, which can then respond appropriately. It should be noted that the biosignals do not force the body into a certain state, they merely incite our body’s intelligent response. The organism starts restoring the balance.

Molin dietary supplements are Infoceuticals, which use colloids to stabilize and store biosignals. Colloids have proved to be very good carriers because they enable a long-term and stable storing of information footprints.

Store them in a dark, calm place, not too warm, and away from electronic devices, so that their electromagnetic radiation doesn’t damage the biosignals in olloids. Don’t leave them directly exposed to sunlight of any other strong light, and keep them under 30ºC.


Volume (ml) Product Purpose Volume (EUR)
Arelesin+ RLS 19,89
Arelesin+ RLS 29,77
Arelesin+ Sample RLS Call!
Insomnin+ Sleep disorders 19,64
Insomnin+ Sleep disorders 29,28
Menopausine+ Menopause problems 18,90
Atyrosin+ Hypothyroidism 18,42