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A healthy human organism is always in the search of balance between chaos and order.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla cite

Too much of one or the other results in a pathological state. The bigger the imbalance, the weaker the organism; it doesn't respond anymore like it should, and it is not quick enough to adapt to various external and internal challenges.

Alongside Molin products, there are no harmful side effects. That's their specialty.

Below are answers to the most common questions.


Are there any side-effects of the Molin Products?

Molin products have no harmful side effects, since, compared to other dietary supplements, their special treat and advantage is in biosignals that influence the organism in a non-invasive way; they merely incite the organism's appropriate response to start restoring the natural balance. However, due to the added minerals, you should not exceed the recommanded daily intake stated on the package/label.

Are the Molin products only to be used oraly?

Molin products are mostly used oraly, but some of them can also be applied to the skin, for instance Arelesin+, which you can rub into you feet, or Atyrosin, which you can use to spread on the area of the throat, or Insomnin, which you can gently rub into your temples.

Why do I have to shake the Molin products before use?

When we take the drops, it is important for the body to get an even amount of minerals and biosignals. This is most easily achieved by shaking, when we can also see that the colloid sediment is homogenised. Shaking also additionally activates the biosignals.

When can I expect the positive effects of the Molin products?

It depends on the individual and their state or rather the responsiveness of their organism to the stimuli of the biosignals. Some people are more susceptible to the effects of biosignals, others less. It also depends on the type of the Molin product. Some products can incite positive effects already after first use (like for instance Insomnin or Arelesin+), sometimes it takes a week (for instance with Klimaksin); stabilisation of the effects can be expected after one month of regular use.

Can I take the Molin products in combination with other medicaments?

Molin products are not medicaments but dietary supplements. They can be combined with medicaments, but it is better if there is at least a 10-minute interval between taking medicine and consuming Molin drops.

Can I take the drops by spoon, I find it easier? Can I take the drops with water (dropping them into water)?

Of course. It is important that the spoon is made of plastic, because metal can decrease the effectiveness of biosignals. Of course. It is important that the cup is made of glass or plastic (it shouldn't be metal). And there shouldn't be too much water; we suggest half a decilitre at most.