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Libidin+ for her

How we can help you: Enrich female sexuality

Women are biologically predisposed to feeling ecstasy, the heightened pleasurable sensations enjoyed throughout love making. Infoceutical nutrition supplement Libidin+ for her (Libida+) for enriching women's sexuality and sensuality is based on zinc and crystal lattice of silicate colloid with imprinted biosignals with the frequencies of the best natural exotic aphrodisiacs for even more passion, desire. Zinc plays a role in protecting cells against oxidative stress. Libida+ is designed specifically to make women feel sensual and allow her full enjoyment of many intimate pleasures. Targeted frequencies of biosignals will stimulate molecular receptors of female sexuality. Women who do not have sexual intercourse should nevertheless have sexual energy because of good health and personal satisfaction.

No matter what your reason for your reduced libido is, it should not be a cause for fear or a reason to avoid re-starting the green light for your partner. Why? A lower libido does not mean "the end of the world" and there are various ways to increase it.

Libidin+ for her is the answer to the quest for a natural way of improving mood, energy, and sexual desire. It is a safe, informative and effective way to strengthen the sexual roles of women by awakening their innate sexuality and sensuality.

Libida+ will provide women with significant enhancement of female libido, including more frequent, more intense orgasms, and a general increase in erogenous sensitivity and response to sexual stimuli.


  • 30ml is sufficient for 15-30 days depending on the intensity of the intake (1x per day is 30 days)
  • Support 6 information imprints of natural aphrodisiacs wLIB
  • Enriching sexuality
  • No side effects (hormonal imbalance, dizziness, ...)
  • Suitable for women of all ages who want to enrich their sexual experiences.

What You Can Expect

  • More relaxation
  • More self-confidence
  • More lust and pleasures
  • More passion
  • More hot sex actions
  • More positive surprises. With Libida+, your sensuality will come to life.
  • Women, do not forge. Libida+ will not let you down!

You can achieve a beneficial effect already by taking 18 drops of Libidine before the first sex action. When you take a dietary supplement and hold it for some time in your mouth, the best thing about whitening is the absorption of zinc and biosignals. The reaction of the organism follows in the direction of deeper relaxation and increased lust. The path to the world of pleasures is open to the organization. If you want to repeat the 'exercise', the procedure will be repeated as needed.

There are no reported health side effects of Libidin+ for her when taken as directed. It will, however, increase sensitivity to erogenous zones, which some women have noted to have an effect on the type of clothing and undergarments they can wear in public (with silk and cashmere topping the list of incidental stimulation).

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    Volume (ml) Purchase Product Price (EUR)
    Libidin+ for him Sexuality 28,60
    Libidin+ for her Sexuality 28,20
    Arelesin+ Restless legs syndrome 19,89
    Arelesin+ Restless legs syndrome 29,77
    Insomnin+ Short-term insomnia 19,64
    Dreamin+ Prolonged insomnia 19,64
    Menopausine+ Menopause 18,90
    Atyrosin+ Hypothyroidism 18,42
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