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Pyramid for Infoceutical production

Pyramid for Infoceutical production

What is Molit Infoceutical's production technology? You could check the FAQ!

MOLIT is an innovative Infoceutical's technology developed at the Bion Institute to record biosignals (information footprints) and inprinting them in a colloid using Bion's dedicated device in the form of a tetrahedral pyramid. Molit can record infoceuticals of different substances, herbs, oils, fruits, etc. for health, cosmetics, veterinary, gardening purposes...

Molit Infoceutical's technology ensures stability of biosignals over a long period of time (few years) and their effective use. It also strengthens the finest vibrations. The information fluid always comes into the center of gravity of the tetrahedron.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla cite

The Infoceutical products build greater awareness of the innovative and progressive technologies in the field of informational dietary supplements and its use to achieve optimal wellness.

Note: French scientist Jacques Benveniste in his works 1988-2004 years showed that the signals emitted from the chemical substances can be transmitted via the communication lines and the effect of the signals on the organisms is similar to the effect from the substance itself.