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Infoceutical Menopausine++

How we can help you: For relieving menopause problems

The dietary supplement Menopausine+ on the basis of zinc gluconate and supporting biosignals is a unique product for a healthy lifestyle and is appropriate for everyone who wants to re-establish their normal hormonal balance in a natural way, harmless for the body, which is of vital importance for women in the time of climacteric. Zinc also contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, hair, nails and skin, it has a role in the cognitive function, and it contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Biosignals are selected molecular imprints in the zinc gluconate, associated with easing the climacteric problems. These imprints can be read by the complex biochemical network of our body which can then respond appropriately. It should be noted that the biosignals do not force the body into a certain state, they merely incite a chosen – intelligent – response which endeavours to mend the disturbance and restore the balance.

A healthy human organism is always in the search of balance between chaos and order. Too much of one or the other results in a pathological state. The bigger the imbalance, the weaker the organism; it doesn’t respond anymore like it should, and it is not quick enough to adapt to various external and internal challenges. Maintaining a normal hormonal balance is especially important. If you are experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, poor quality of sleep, if your libido is decreased, if you feel your life energy levels are low, or your overall quality of life has deteriorated, the dietary supplement Menopausine+ with zinc and selected biosignals can considerably raise your life energy levels, and help you restore a healthy balance for you to reach a higher overall quality of life.


  • Zinc glukonate
  • Biosignals support Menop
  • Self-developed MOLIT technology
  • No side effect


  • Menopausine+ 30 ml
  • Menopausine+ 50 ml

The beneficial effect can be reached already by taking 12 drops of Menopausine+ twice a day. When you take the dietary supplement and keep it in your mouth, while swilling it around, the absorption of zinc and the biosignals starts taking place. What follows is the reaction described above when the body begins restoring the normal hormonal balance, and consequently, levels of body energy rise up and the overall physical and mental condition are improved. The organism is free to re-establish the normal daily function. The effect of Menopausine+ usually stabilises after one month of regular intake.

If you stick to the recommended daily intake, the dietary supplement is harmless. The dietary supplement is not a substitute for a potential prescribed medical therapy for any disturbances in hormonal function.

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    Volume (ml) Product Purpose Volume (EUR)
    Arelesin+ RLS 19,89
    Arelesin+ RLS 29,77
    Arelesin+ Sample RLS Call!
    Insomnin+ Sleep disorders 19,64
    Insomnin+ Sleep disorders 29,28
    Menopausine+ Menopause problems 18,90
    Atyrosin+ Hypothyroidism 18,42