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Infoceutical Insomnin+

For short-term and transient insomnia and sleep disorders

The dietary supplement Insomnin+, a type of Infoceuticals, on the basis of magnesium colloid and supporting biosignals is a unique product for a healthy lifestyle and is appropriate for everyone who wants to re-establish the balance of their organism in a natural way, harmless for the body. Magnesium contributes to reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal functioning of the nervous system, and normal psychological function. They are all factors that contribute to the quality of sleep.

Biosignals are selected molecular imprints in the magnesium colloid, associated with easing the tension before sleep. These imprints can be read by the complex biochemical network of our body, which can then respond appropriately. It should be noted that the biosinals do not force the body into a certain state, they merely incite a chosen – intelligent – response which endeavours to mend the disturbance and restore the balance.


  • 30ml is sufficient for 27 days of regular daily use, 20 drops/day
  • aIS biosignal support
  • Self-developed MOLIT technology
  • No side effects
  • No addiction
  • Adaptive action (operation of Insomnin+ is adapted to the needs of the organism as in the case of herb adaptogen)

What you can expect

  • Calming nervous tension
  • Calming muscular tension
  • Greater mental focus
  • Extended sleep time
  • In the morning, you will feel that you had a good sleep
  • Insomnin+ will put you to sleep in the case of short-term and transient insomnia and sleep disorders

A healthy human organism is always in the search of balance between chaos and order. Too much of one or the other results in a pathological state. The bigger the imbalance, the weaker the organism; it doesn’t respond anymore like it should, an it is not quick enough to adapt to various external and internal challenges. Quality sleep is especially important for maintaining a healthy balance. The dietary supplement Insomnin with magnesium colloid and selected biosignals can considerably raise the quality of your life, and help you restore a healthy balance

The beneficial effect can be reached already by taking 2 times 10 drops of Insomnin just before sleep in a 5-minute interval. When you take the dietary supplement and keep it in your mouth, while swilling it around, the absorption of magnesium and the biosignals starts taking place. What follows is the reaction described above when the body begins to relax muscle tensions and other unease. The organism can rest, and peaceful sleep is possible again. If you wake up during the night, take another 10 drops of Insomnin. The effect of Insomnin usually stabilises after one month of regular intake.

There are no reported health side effects of Insomnin+ for her when taken as directed.


Volume (ml) Purchase Purpose Price (EUR)
Arelesin+ RLS 19,89
Arelesin+ RLS 29,77
Libidin+ for him Sexuality 28,60
Insomnin+ Sleep disorders 19,64
Insomnin+ Sleep disorders 29,28
Dreamin+ Chronic insomnia 19,64
Menopausine+ Menopause problems 18,90
Atyrosin+ Hypothyroidism 18,42