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Human biochemical network
human being biochemical network
Infoceutical's biosignal (vibration)
Infoceutical's biosignal

What are biosignals and Infoceuticals? You could check the FAQ!

As each person has a unique fingerprint, each substance also has a unique information footprint, vibration, named biosignal that describes this substance. Biosignals can be used to achieve health-improving effect on the body. Using Molit information technology biosignals are inprinted in a colloid as molecular inprints.

Biosignals are the basis of Infoceuticals that transmitted them to the organism in different ways. Infoceuticals are an ingenious and efficient way to deliver biosignals to individuals in a non invasive and gentle manner.

The Infoceutical products build greater awareness of the innovative and progressive technologies in the field of informational dietary supplements and its use to achieve optimal wellness.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla cite

Biosignal's molecular imprints can be read by the complex biochemical network of our body, which can then respond appropriately. It should be noted that the biosignals do not force the body into a certain state, they merely incite our body's intelligent response. The organism starts restoring the balance.